The Outerworlds is a region of the Frostflame Kingdom featuring Fantastic creatures, Hostiles and Dungeons.

History Edit

The Outerworlds became a region of the Frostflame Kingdom under decision of the Capital's Council in the 471 in order to improve the Kingom's Economical system. The Outerwolrds is the only source of goods for the Kingdom and delivers to the Capital it's production once every month in massive quantities. Paesants from the capital, which is now locked between 20 Meters tall walls in order to protect it's population, are not allowed to leave the Town. If someone happened to do that, that one will be executed. As off 473 the Capital began sending Criminals and whoever deserved a Legal Punishment in the Outerworlds instead of using prisons. This decision was never told to the Public of the Capital or the Outerworlds.

Population Edit

Since the Capital began to send criminals to the Outerworlds, in the 475 30% of the capital counted as Criminals, thing that the population of the Outerworlds obviously didn't like.

Civil Revolution Edit

In the 458 Nathan McWilliam Started a Civil Revolution in order to change the Outerworlds once and for all. The young man founded the Outerworld's Freedom Movement, which objective was to prevent the Capital from sending Criminals to the Outerworlds. The critical decision that was brought by Nathan was to kill the Imperial Troops who entered the Outerworlds to leave the Criminals to their Fate.

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