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Here you can find the Latest news about HOTW as well as previews and upcoming features.

Release DateEdit

Winter 2017 (Planned)

Game Information Edit

Heroes of the Outerworlds is an upcoming top-view Role Playing Game developed by Rufus Entertainment and published by Moonshl Games. It will feature a massive Open World with different kinds of Biomes and Dungeons. As far as we can tell, the Protagonists of this title will be the two young boys Ryan and Sky. Ryan is a human who born and lives locked Inside the Capital walls while Sky is an Elf, capable of mastering Magic and casting spells. It is still untold how the two will meet up and how Ryan will escape the from the Capital and see the Outerworlds, since it is confirmed that leaving the Capital is forbidden by the Law of the Kingdom.

The game also promises to not to be "Just another RPG" like all the others. It will be based on RPG VX/ACE or RPG MV (currently the project seems to be on VX Ace) for Windows, possibly Machintosh and Android. The launch price of the is 1,99USD on Windows, possibly cheaper on Android, same on MAC.

Latest activity Edit

  • edit Capital's Council
    edited by DarkMesa diff
  • new page Capital's Council
    created by DarkMesa
    New page: Capitals Council controls the Frostflame Kingdom's Economical system. It is also in charge of Writing down and Approving new rules for the Kingdom.
  • new page Capital Town
    created by DarkMesa
    New page: Capital Town Buildings Grocery, Items Shop, Weaponry, PUB, Public Flats (x2), Restaurant Biome Unknown Exclusive...
  • new page Frostflame Kingdom
    created by DarkMesa
    New page: The Frostflame Kingdom is host of the Outerworlds and the Capital, and the place where Heroes of the Outerworlds takes place.
  • edit Outerworlds
    edited by DarkMesa diff
  • new page Outerworlds
    created by DarkMesa
    New page: Outerworlds Type Region Founded 471 Biomes Twilight, Forest, Blood Plague, Pines, Bush Land, Desert, Lava Heights, Frost...
  • edit Superior Sword
    edited by DarkMesa diff
  • edit Great Sword
    edited by DarkMesa diff
  • new page Great Sword
    created by DarkMesa
    New page: The Great Sword is an improved version of the Short Sword with a bettr Attack Rate but for an Higher price. 
  • new page Superior Sword
    created by DarkMesa
    New page: Superior Sword Item Type Weapon Avg. Price 3000 G Attack 35 In-Game Description A More powerful Iron Crafted...

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